Garage Door Gallery

This is our Misc. Garage Door Repair Gallery. We’ll try and update this page periodically with some images of garage doors and other related images. Our blog will have more stories along with photos and tips, and those may be cross posted here.

Someone tried to replace the rollers themselves!
Someone tried to replace the rollers themselves! They took the bottom bracket off and almost sliced their hand open.

I see this one a lot. Something thinks, hey, my rollers are old, I should replace them. Then they remove the bottom bracket that’s attached to the spring and SNAP they almost lose a finger and their door looks like this! Thankfully, a quick call to GEM Garage Door Repair had them back in action with no permanent damage to the door or them.

I love old doors!

Old Garage Door
This door has seen a day or two in its life.
Old Garage door with mystery door.
The garage door is getting old, but where does that red door go? lol

We see old garage doors all of the time. Maybe it’s just the business we’re in, but there is something fascinating about old doors. If the door functions properly and safely, there is no need to replace it. A fresh coat of paint can certainly revive an old wood door. Give us a call if you want to talk about the benefits of a new door if you’re not sure that you’re quite ready for one yet.

Another old garage door.
Another old garage door.

Another door that’s had a couple of days of use.

Now, with that being said about old garage doors, it’s also nice to see a newly installed set of doors on a nice clean house. Hard to argue with the curb appeal increase from a new garage door on a home, especially one that may be an old wooden door that’s starting to fall apart.

Broken Spring Art
I got a little creative with a few of the broken springs sitting around.

Thought a little garage door spring art would be interesting. I have more pictures of those brown springs, look at this:

Painted Springs
Someone painted their springs when they painted their walls. Don’t do this!

This home was sold and updated then rented out. As part of that process, they painted the walls including those in the garage. However, they painted right over the springs! Don’t do this! Call us at 740-414-4500 if you need help with your door and you’re near Chillicothe, OH!