Your garage door won’t lift but you don’t see any springs?

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Garage doors use springs to counter balance the weight of the door and make them easy and safe to lift. Your garage door simply won’t work if it doesn’t have springs or the springs are broken. I get calls where the customer complains the door won’t open and when I ask if they can see the spring it’s usually an EZ set set up like this photo where the spring is actually hidden inside the tube.

Before - Springs hidden inside this garage door system
Before – Broken spring hidden inside the tube above the door

You can see the bar on this runs above the door and to the sides but you can not visibly see the spring when it is broken. The way to tell the spring or springs are broken on this type of system would be if your cables on the side of the door are both loose or if the cable still has tension you can disengage the door from the opener motor and when you try and lift the door it would be extremely heavy. The second scenario would mean that one of the two springs inside the tube are likely broken.

Torsion springs in a traditional set up go over top of the bar where they can be seen. If it appears that a chunk is missing from the spring, that is how you can tell spring is broken. The other type of spring style is a typically much older style system called extension springs. Those spring stretch out and use pulleys running along the side of the track to lower and close the door. The biggest two pitfalls with extension springs are first, the springs work independently on each side of the door so there is potential for the door not be raised or lowered equally. The second problem is if a safety cable is not installed inside of an extension spring, when they break, they can shoot pieces and ricochet around the garage hurting people or items stored inside.

How do I fix a broken spring that is hidden in the tube or if I have a broken extension spring?

So what do I do when I get to a job with a hidden spring or an extension spring that needs replaced? I simply convert them over to a regular torsion spring set up. It’s a very similar process as to replacing a broken torsion spring but just with a couple of extra parts.

After - Torsion spring conversion. Now the door works great.
After – New Torsion Spring Conversion complete

As you can see in the after photo, a new set of high duty cycle springs will likely outlast the door itself. The door is well balanced now and can easily be lifted by hand if needed or can simply be closed with the push of the opener’s button.

I use only the best garage door springs that are made from American steel and manufactured right here in the State of Ohio. Just like the new doors I install, I only use the best and I help keep jobs local. When you’re in need of help with your garage door, think of us and call at 740-414-4500!