Repair Garage Door and get the best value

I don’t want to make this article too trashy on my competitors out there. More often than not, when we get calls, our prices are almost always lower than our competitors. What the other quotes aren’t telling you though, is that we install a better spring and offer a much better warranty on our garage door torsion spring repairs included in our price. There is no warranty upsell and no spring upgrades available. All of our springs are top of the line high duty cycle made in the USA. If it’s an evening or weekend, we can still offer same day service if our schedule allows and that’s when the price difference is usually huge. We even offer online booking and you can see our availability instantly. (Try the online booking HERE)

From what I’ve been told from previous experiences or calls with the other guys though, here is what I suggest you ask for when trying to get a quote for your garage door repairs.

Questions to ask while getting a Garage Door Repair Quote

  • Confirm what the price includes. Is there an additional trip charge? Is that price for your door (1 car, 2 car, 1 broken spring, 2 springs replaced, wood garage door, etc.)
  • What is the guarantee they are offering? Is the spring covered, and if so for how long? How about the labor? If it breaks, are they going to charge you basically the full price and knock a few bucks off for hardware?
  • Technician ETA and payment methods. Can they swipe a credit card on site, or do numbers get written down and ran at an office? Or is it a cash only type of side job.
  • Are they licensed and insured and can they provide proof?

I’ve certainly seen all kinds of situations. But if your car is stuck inside the garage and the garage door is hanging by a cable and a roller or two, do you really want a guy that’s never done this before trying to get that door down without dropping it on your car? And if he does, who is going to be holding the bag?

Right tools for the job
Selecting a reputable service company is like using the right wrench on a job.

Garage Door Repairs are probably never planned, but require a little bit of care and thought into making sure they are done right without being taken to the cleaners in the process. We promise to do a great job for you when we do the repairs on your garage door. We promise not to up-sell you stuff you don’t need and don’t want. If something unexpected is discovered we will always inform you prior to proceeding. This is the least you should expect from your garage door repair service company.

We would love to help you if you need it

I hope we have the pleasure to help you in your time of need. Have other questions? Call us at (740) 414-4500 . Join our other happy customers and let us give you a quote for your garage door repair today.