How do I program my garage door remote?

We get a lot of service call requests for problems with remotes. I hate getting out to a troubleshooting job and it just ends up being a garage door remote. On a scale of 1-10 on DIY, programming remotes are usually about as light weight DIY as it gets! The two largest manufactures have pages dedicated to how to program your remotes.

Find what your garage door remote looks like or find the model number and they have instructions right there. If you have a less common opener- google is your friend. A quick search of the model of the remote with the word programming or manual should quickly turn of specific instructions. Two things to remember. Chaimberlain = Liftmaster. Craftsman openers were also manufactured by them. So if you have any of those three brands, the same instructions at chamberlain’s website should get you running.

The other thing, is if you still can’t find a manual, a lot of the openers themselves have instructions on them. They may be brief, but are usually adequate.

Instructions on how to program your remote

The most common programming we run into is the purple or yellow button from the chamberlain or liftmaster made openers. It really gets as simple as you press the learn button on the garage door opener. An indicator led will light up or the opener lights will blink. Press and hold the button you want to program on the opener. The garage door light should blink twice to confirm. That’s really it. If the opener has more than one button, sometimes you will need to press another button on the remote to exit programming mode. Then, simply test the garage door opener remote by making sure the door is free from obstruction and cycling the door both open and close!

That’s it! Things can sometimes get really strange when you have a lot of garage door remotes to program. The best tip to remember is the learn button does not need to be held down. It just needs to be pressed. On some models, holding the learn button down erases all programming! So, if you do that each time you program a button, you wipe all the other ones out each time! That never helps!

Still need some help with your garage door opener remotes?

Don't take a hammer to it
Don’t take a hammer to it! Sometimes an extra set of eyes on the problems makes all the difference.

If you still can’t quite get things working correctly, give us a call. We’re more than happy get get you working again. If it’s programming, battery replacement, whatever the problem is, we can fix it. We even carry extra remotes in stock for sale. If that sounds like we can help you, call us for a free quote. (740) 414-4500. We can usually see you the same day.