Broken Garage Door Cable

In your Garage Door System, cables are connected to both your door and to a drum and work in conjunction with your spring to lift your heavy garage door. In a balanced system, this makes your door light enough to lift by hand when disconnected from the opener. If you have a broken garage door cable you won’t be able to use your door like you are used to. A broken garage door cable can cause all sorts of problems. One side could go up, bend hinges, pop out of the track and even cause rollers to go flying. It could even caught damage to the garage door opener. We carry plenty of cables of the highest quality and can get you back on track in no time.

Broken garage door cable
This garage door cable is frayed and makes the garage door operation dangerous.

Damaged Cables can be dangerous

This frayed cable came off of a customers broken garage door during a tune up and inspection. The thin cable was starting to fray. If one of the two cables that work with the torsion spring break, half of the garage door won’t open and you can destroy the panels of the door, the track, and even parts inside the opener. This could be a costly situation if that were to happen. If someone were walking under the door, it can be potentially life threatening. Not only do we have cables in stock for replacement, our cables are thicker and have a higher weight capacity and cycle rating so that they will last much longer.

Garage Door Replacement Cables
We stock tons of new garage door cables if you have one that is broken or needs replaced.

Garage Door Cables are an essential part of the opening system. GEM Garage Door Repair has what you need to get you opening again. Call us today for a free quote on your broken garage door cable. One of our techs would be happy to assist you.

In most situations, we can repair your garage door the same day and for the best rates around.